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Why Savage Elite Fitness?

Savage Elite Fitness is headquartered in Lathrop, California. Our gym is based on support, empowerment and making humans functional.  It isn’t what you are used to, and that’s what causes change. Our main focus is to help every unique individual that walks in our doors achieve a better quality of life regardless of age or fitness level.


Welcome to the Savage Elite Fitness Family.


Here at Savage, we offer a variety of programs, which include CrossFit, Savage Fit, Bodybuilding, Boxing, and personal training. We want to give you the option to choose your path at becoming the best version of yourself. So start your Fitness Journey here!

Our Savage community and friends welcome you!


Kids Area

Bring Your Kids In

Your kids can play in the kids area while you work out.  No more excuses, you can bring your kids!

They can watch TV and children’s videos, play with toys, draw on the chalkboard, and more.  Your kids are happy and safe with us.